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Dance Guide
is headed by CSM

Finansowane z funduszy EOG, pochodzących z Islandii, Liechtensteinu i Norwegii, oraz środków krajowych.

© 2013 Copyright CSM
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Multimedia Dance Trail – www.danceguide.eu

Following dance stars of this year's Open Stage Festival, a skillful observer will surely notice how the ways of particular artists – choreographers, dancers, stage designers meet. The language of art appears to be universal and aiming at the perfection of creations seems to base upon the multiculturalism of its creators. Dance people's environment appears not abandoned in the tight box of the stage. On the contrary – the experiences of artists rooted in different nations (we can find many Polish names in the best European theatres on a visit to OS) or even in so stylistically differing environments (as Herve' Koubi's dances, found among the best hip-hop dancers) fight continuously for a new quality of dance theatre.

The Project „Multimedia Dance Trail” initiated in the Mościce Art Centre (www.danceguide.eu) is a platform dedicated to the hotheads of dance. This is a place which allows for virtual meetings of choreographers, dancers, dance enthusiasts, hobbyists. It is a place where you can find the most diversified information related to dance theatre, its history, tradition, trends or over-culture character of this exceptional language of art. A map made, today,signalizes the most important dance centres in Poland, Norway and Iceland but the makers of the „Multimedia Dance Trail”, in hope for its evolution, believe that soon it will comprise all Europe.


„Dance Guide” bases on a common creation of an info platform and contact. It is its users, directly or through their moderator, will be able to build the contents of the page. Creating contents on the portal can be done in two ways – one inscription or within a few thematic paths, sharing information about people,places and climates. The portal users can mark and describe interesting places, traditions, share curiosities and experiences. And, by means of you tube, face book or twitter they can complete existing posts with audio, photo and video materials.

The database application will be based on an engine in PHP language in HTML technology as well as Jquery (Javascript). An integral part of the application of the database MySQL. In order to obtain a maximum ergonomics of the user’s interface, it will use the API Google maps.

Mościce Art Centre hoping for a favorable reception of this project – both by internet users fascinated by dance, and the same dance theatres' creators, invite you to co-build the contents on the virtual platform of „the Multimedia Dance Trail”.