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Dance Guide
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Finansowane z funduszy EOG, pochodzących z Islandii, Liechtensteinu i Norwegii, oraz środków krajowych.

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Siobhan Davies Dance

From: London, Wielka Brytania
Address: Siobhan Davies Studios 85 St George's Road, London, SE1 6ER
Phone: +44 (0)20 7091 9650

Founded and led since 1988 by pioneering choreographer Siobhan Davies, Siobhan Davies Dance has evolved over the years from a touring dance company into an investigative contemporary arts organisation. The completion of our Studios in 2006 kick-started an explosion of activity, liberating what we are capable of and allowing us to support the making of far more work. Exploring choreography and movement is very much at the heart of everything we do. So whilst we now apply choreography across a wide range of creative disciplines including visual arts, film and craft, we continue to hold our dance roots close.

In producing and commissioning new work, we often find that the unusual, unexpected and truly wonderful can result from a simple starting point. We are excited about the expanded knowledge, materials and processes that can come out of unorthodox collaborations, and are always looking for others to partner with.

We are an artist-led organisation and the development and discovery of more contexts within which dance artists can work matter to us greatly. We also work with artists to design programmes which reach out to engage a wide range of audiences, encouraging alternative ways of exploring, experiencing and discussing dance.

"I am an artist, I choreograph, I collaborate closely with dance and other artists. I enjoy the engagement our work has with an audience. As a maker in the studio, I crash about, building, dismantling and trying to find my relationship with movement.

I wish to evolve my practice and the communicating of it so that the work can contribute to movement being further recognised as an equal and distinct medium alongside the other arts: a medium in which thought, feeling and action are all contributors to the process of making, are able to be visible in the moving body.By the time of performance, the movement has an immediacy, is a state of being not a representation of it. The dancers and the movements that they make are the stuff of the performance and become another kind of evidence about who and what we are.

We are all conceived to move and throughout our lives each of us uses a far greater range of movement than we acknowledge. I wish to develop a shared understanding with an audience about the choices that dance artists can make. These range from the movements we can all identify with to those which have been transformed by embodying an idea or imaginative state, or transformed by choreographic or compositional structures and patterns. I don't wish to pre-prescribe a dance language but instead attempt to find the right movement for a particular moment. These choices help all of us to become more sensitised and open to what movement is capable of."
Siobhan Davies