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Suraya Hilal Dance Company

From: London, Wielka Brytania
Phone: +44 (0) 7801 985 980

The Suraya Hilal Dance Company is uniquely placed in the contemporary dance world, drawing inspiration from the roots of Egyptian dance culture. The Company’s work represents an unparalleled development of Egyptian/Arab dance and music. Suraya Hilal is hailed as one of the great dance talents of our time; her work has been showcased throughout Europe with tremendous popular and critical acclaim.

The Suraya Hilal Dance Company exists for the purpose and value of:
• Dance for its own sake, as a powerful medium to move us and even to shift our consciousness.
• Music, especially live, is intrinsically connected to the musicality of the body and its movements.
• The purity of dance, movement, music and their dramatic content and complexities without superfluous elements added to it.
• Culture and heritage as a source of great knowledge that can provide the artist the freedom of expression to extend the traditional to the contemporary.
• Dancers showing their uniqueness, humanity as well as their excellence on the stage.
• Collaboration with individuals or groups that facilitate the creation of exciting new works.
• Innovation! In all its forms.

Suraya Hilal first began her major work in Britain supported by the British Arts Council, where she toured extensively with her musicians in the UK and throughout Europe.

She began as a solo artist and later moved on to Company work. Live music is essential for Hilal’s work, and most of her earlier productions have included full ensembles and a singer. Currently, Hilal’s choreography and work has progressed and moved on to value the purity of movement, music and rhythm. She currently collaborates with a smaller ensemble of one to three musicians.

The quality of her work now, both in solo and company work, embraces a distillation of the essence of movement with the clear and vibrant sound of the solo instrument or voice. This fires the imagination and power behind her choreographies today. This departure in her work began with the use of the voice in "Spirit of the Heart", and was clear in "Al Janub", and now more than ever in the clarity and texture of the solo instrument, in the new work "Oscillations" and "El Mizan".

Major Productions

Hilal major productions, among them:
• Oscillations (2008)
• Aseel (2004-06)
• Al Janub (2001-03)
• Spirit of the Heart (1997-2000)
• Journey to Light (1995)
• Divine Rites (1990-92)
• The Beloved (1990-91)
• Colours of Cairo (1990-91)
• Jewels (1989-91)
• Celebration of the Nile (1989)
• The Return of the Spirit (1985-88)

All these works have toured successfully throughout the UK and Europe in many well known theatres including:
• Sadler’s Wells, London
• The Place, London
• Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
• Purcell Room, London
• RNCM, Manchester
• The Dome, Brighton
• Playhouse, Oxford
• Edinburgh Festival
• Aldeburgh Festival
• Womad Festival
• Tanzhaus nrw, Dusseldorf
• Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
• Rotebhul Theatre, Stuttgart
• Theaterspektakel, Zurich
• Cankarjec Dom, Ljubljana
• Tropenininstitute, Amsterdam
• Rasa in Utrecht, Holland
• Tans Hus, Stockholm
• Göteberg Dance Festival
• Savoy Theatre Helsinki
• Kuopio Dance Festival
• Dancing’ City Festival, Copenhagen
• IMA (Institute du Monde Arabe), Paris
• Depot, Toulouse