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Compagnia Zappalà Danza

From: Catania, Włochy
Address: Via Teatro Massimo 16, 95131 Catania
Phone: +39 095 250 3147

founded in Catania (Sicily – I) in 1989 by Roberto Zappalà, artistic director and main choreographer, and regularly supported since 1996 by the Italian Ministry of Culture for its annual activity, and by the Region of Sicily, the Compagnia Zappalà Danza is considered one of the most interesting contemporary dance companies working today in Italy.

The “history” of the company is tightly bound to the figure of Roberto Zappalà, whose choreographic style, after years of research on movement together with his dancers has become an original and versatile language.

The company has developed partnerships with important organizations such as Teatro Stabile of Catania, Teatro Vittorio Emanuele of Messina , Teatro Massimo Bellini of Catania, Teatro A.Ponchielli of Cremona, Fondazione I TEATRI of Reggio Emilia . Such partnerships supported the company in the realization of some of its productions, which toured all over Italy, and in Switzerland, Morocco, Sweden, Irland, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Portugal, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Centre and South America, MiddleEast, SouthAfrica .

compagnia zappalà danza distinguish itself for the availability of a wide and articulated repertory, result of the synergistic and prolific work of Roberto Zappalà and the dramaturgue Nello Calabrò, who traced together in the last ten years a projectual path in continous expansion, allowing the realization of productions of different typology, from creations for a few dancers to those with the entire company, most of them with live music.

For the productions of the company, Zappalà often deals with articulated projects, some of them: “Corpi incompiuti” (2002-2007), “Instruments” (2007-2009), “re-mapping sicily” (started in 2007, it is still part of the choreographer’s work). Among his creations for the company, “Pasolini nell’era di Internet” selected for BIG Torino 2000, and “A.semu tutti devoti tutti?” which has been awarded with the Danza&Danza Prize 2010 best italian production and which has been recently performed at the Théatre de la Ville of Paris, first Italian dance company to treat the boards of the Parisian theatre.

Since march 2002 , the company is resident at Scenario Pubblico international choreographic centre Sicily in Catania (Sicily –I). The new location has allowed the company and the choreographer to extend and to deepen their choreographic research, embedding in the Sicilian territory not only with the productive and performing activity but also with MoDem codici gestuali compagnia zappalà danza, a structure promoting the spread of the company’s language

Since 2010 the company is all in residence at the Teatro Stabile of Catania for the years 2010 - 2011 - 2012.