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Spellbound Contempoprary Ballet

From: Rome, Włochy
Address: Via Val Maira 12, 00141 Roma
Phone: +39 392 4854911

Spellbound Dance Company starts its activity in 1994. Founded and directed by Mauro Astolfi, the company maintained constant since the beginning a strong urge to the choreographic research and the mix of styles, to make sure that performance can be seen as a holder of emotions, images, sounds, movements in constant evolution. The company has become a platform for new stylish experimentations, succeeding in imposing itself in few years in the Italian panorama as dynamic and striking structure both for the personal and original choreography and for the excellent skills of nine breathtaking dancers. The years from 2001 onwards are those of the most important productions, such as: “Camouflage”, “Quattro- il disordine delle stagioni”, “Stati Comunicanti”, “Duende”, “Carmina Burana”, “Nafas”, “Emotional Balance”, “Downshifting” , “Bachiana…Una serata per Bach”, “ The Four seasons” , “Lost For Words”. The Spellbound language, characterized by a free dance expression in constant experimentation and always new geometries, has charmed the audience of the most important Festivals in Italy, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, South Korea, USA, Bielorussia, Germany, Austria, France and Thailand and it has also created a cultural factory, which has become an example and a reference inspiring point for the different young emergent choreographers. Since 2009 Spellbound dance Company is represented in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia by Cultur Partner and since 2011 is represented in the USA, Mexico and Canada by The Elsie Management.