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Carte Blanche

From: Bergen, Norwegia
Address: Nøstegaten 119 5011 Bergen
Phone: +47 55 30 86 80

The Norwegian national company of contemporary dance.

Carte Blanche was established in 1989 and is the Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance. It is located in Bergen, the second largest city in Norway. The company produces a minimum of three new choreographic works a year and performs an average of four to six productions every year.

Carte Blanches repertoire includes work by some of the best and most celebrated Norwegian and international choreographers, strongly emphasizing commissioning work by a new generation of contemporary dance makers.

The combination of both the up-and coming and the renowned results in an eclectic, exciting and high-quality repertoire that achieves the companies goal of being at the forefront of the creation, presentation and development of contemporary dance, both in Norway and abroad.

Carte Blanche is funded by the Norwegian state (70%), the County of Hordaland (15%) and the City of Bergen (15%).

Since August 2008 the Belgian Bruno Heynderickx, is the artistic and general director of the company, being the first director outside the Nordic countries.