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Antony Rizzi

From: Frankfurt am Main, Niemcy
Address: Karlsruhe Str. 5, 60316 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 170 4464507

Antony Rizzi, an american with italian background joined the Frankfurt Ballet in 1985 at the age of 20 as principal dancer and assistant to William Forsythe and remained for 19 years and also worked intensively with Jan Fabre on 6 productions - most recently in 2009, in "The Orgy of Tolerence" , voted performance of the year in France.

He was nominatated as Best Dancer in Germany two years in a row in Ballet Internationals yearly annual.

At the age of 23 he started to choreograph with "Cockroach Nightmare", voted one of the ten best dance events of that year in Boston.

Since then he has invited to create work on many companies. Bayerisches Staatsballet, Munich Dance Theater, Pennsylvania Ballet, Scapino Ballet and the Royal Ballet of London to name a few.

He choreographed the opera "Life" by Ryuichi Sakamoto in 1999 and was asked to dance to a text written and performed by Pina Bausch.

Pina also recognized his talents and invited his work "Snowman Sinking" to her last festival and invited him as guest teacher to the company.

His company Tony Rizzi and the Bad Habits (former Moving Productions) presents his works around the world to great critical and audience acclaim. Most recently to Boston, Berlin, Frankfurt,Vienna and Montreal with his work "an attempt to fail at ground breaking theater with Pina Arcade Smith".

The Bad Habits are a group of dancers, actors and other creative people with whom Tony works regularly:

Inma Rubio Tomas, Irene Klein, Douglas Bateman, Daniel Chait, Sabina Perry, Els Deceukelier, Kristina Veith, Eric Lenke, Norbert Pape, Thomas Thielen, Yoko Tani, Mario Zambrano, Tamas Moricz and others...