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Anna Konjetzky

From: Muenchen, Niemcy
Address: Lincolnstr. 21 A, 81549 Muenchen
Phone: +49 176 27228985

The choreographer and artist Anna Konjetzky born 1980 in Munich studied at the physical theaterschool "Lassaad" (Methode J. Lecoq) in Brussels as well as contempory dance, bodyweather ans Butoh in Brussels and Berlin.

She recevied 2006 the dance stipendia from Senate Office Berlin for Germaine Acogny/Senegal and 2009 the working stipendia for Künstlerhauses Lukas im Klaipeda (Lituainia) Kommunikations-und Kulturzentrum.

In 2009 she wins the competition operare of the Contemporary Opera Berlin (zeitgenössische Oper Berlin). "dann still" a music-dance-theatre piece by Anna Konjetzky, the composer Daniel Smutny and Volker Staub had world premier in Berlin in 2010.

During the festival euro-scene Leipzig 2009, „Elephantengedächtnis" her Solo for the dancer Sahra Huby wins the 1.prize of the competition „Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo".

In 2011 she recieved the dance Stipend of the city of Munich for a research in Jerusalem.
In 2012 she is selected fort he artist in residence program of the Goethe-institut Montreal in collaboration with the Circuit est in Montréal-Canada. From 2005 to 2008 she worked as the assistent of the choreographer Wanda Golonka at schauspielfrankfurt. Since 2005 she creates her own danceworks, performances and installations in collaboration with artists from different countries and disciplines.

In the last years she created for exemple projects as: "In mir drin-en moi", "Don't touch", „Die Summe der Öffnungen“, „Abdrücke“, „fleck.schwinden“, „Abdrücke folgen“, „Fern“. These projects are supported by Kulturrefart der Landeshauptstadt München, Fonds Darstellender Künste e.v, BLZT, and Art Bureau München, and are showed in festivals like, Tanzwerkstatt Europa, Tanztage Regensburg, Dance, Bolzano Danza, Festival Danse Balsa Marni, Amber Festival Istanbul, dance transmission Kampala, ... Her dance-installation „Abdrücke" is invited in 2012 to the Tanzplattform Germany.

Actually she is nominated for the Georg Tabori Preis 2013, and from 2012 to 2014 she takes part in the project „global city- local city“ with 15 european artists (www.theatrefit.org).
She is currently working as artist-in-residence of the Muffathalle Munich.