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Dance Guide
is headed by CSM

Finansowane z funduszy EOG, pochodzących z Islandii, Liechtensteinu i Norwegii, oraz środków krajowych.

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designed by:

Mamaza (Ioannis Mandafounis, Fabryce Mazliah, May Zarhy)

From: Hamburg, Niemcy
Address: Hamburger Berg 7, 20359 Hamburg
Phone: +49 173 2492 256

Ioannis Mandafounis, Fabrice Mazliah, May Zarhy develop through their work, a choreographic space, which questions the existing tension between the visual image and the physical feeling it produces in the viewer, or rather between the physical image and the visual feeling. They work in a collaborative manner, feeling that a sharing of voices is crucial to any form of creation – that it doesn’t lead to an artistic compromise, but rather to a re-enforcement of the essential elements that the piece asks for. Their work, therefore, springs from a marriage between the dancer and the choreographer into one – an enhanced performer responsible to his/her performance. They try to live a process in a manner that suits the subject they work on.

These choreographies propose a live exchange with the audience, involving the spectator to be an active responsible viewer, one that observes and questions simultaneously.