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Mark Sieczkarek Company

From: Wuppertal, Niemcy
Address: Schreinerstrasse 13, 42105 Wuppertal
Phone: +49 202 283 8858

Mark Sieczkarek cannot be placed as a choreographer in any school or box. The stations, classical ballet training, years as a dancer with Pina Bausch, works at the Folkwang, are there as sediments of experience, but not obvious on the stage. With each piece Sieczkarek has mostly taken a new direction and with each phase professional and personal issues have flowed together.

The recurring motifs in Sieczkareks work are life influences which often pulsate subliminally. Sieczkarek always has clear images in mind, but he is not a concept artist and preferes to enter the rehearsal as pure as possible. Placing no story in front of the dancers and the audience prefering to remain open about meaning. The use, for example, of recycled materials in the sets and costumes could be interpreted in various ways and is neither a comment about the conservation of nature or the material situation of his free company, with which for him it is impossible (to the regret of many dancers) to work continuously with an ensemble, but also the need for reinvention which has light and dark sides. His movement vocabulary has grown so or so continually.

Mark Sieczkarek has meanwhile found a perfect concentration in the choreographies. He creates dance. Where as most choreographers bring prose to the stage, Sieczkarek is one of the rare poets.