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Dance Guide
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New Dance Studios

From: Amsterdam, Holandia
Address: Wibautstraat 150 bg, 1091 GR Amsterdam
Phone: +31 6 47785778

New Dance Studios is the breeding ground for dance in Amsterdam.

We are a non-profit organization facilitating a place for dance artists who want to share and teach their talent to others. The studios have been founded to offer young and upcoming dance talent a place to start out, we want to inspire young dance artists by giving them advice, support and publicity.

New Dance Studios is also the place for established names in the dance industry to experiment, alone or together with one of the many other talents that dance at the studios. Dancers of all levels can find the most diverse dance courses at New Dance Studios, from lyrical to jazz and from belly to ballet.

New Dance Studios are situated on the ground floor of the former ‘Volkskrant' building. This building has been transformed into an arts connecting area for many creative spirits. Once entering the studios you will feel the inspiring atmosphere of creativity and art. Get inspired at New Dance Studios, whether you want to teach, organise a workshop, rent our studios or follow a dance class. Contact us at info@newdancestudios.com