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La Caldera Barcelona

From: Barcelona, Hiszpania
Address: Rabassa 44, 08024 Barcelona
Phone: +34 93 415 68 51

What is lacaldera?

La Caldera project was born in 1995 in a context of lack of creation spaces (and dance creation specifically).

Montse Colomé, Inés Boza, Alexis Eupierre, Lipi Hernández, Carles Mallol, Toni Mira, Maria Rovira, Álvaro de la Peña, Sol Picó and Carles Salas, associated themselves to transform an old belt factory placed in Barcelona's Gràcia neighbourhood, in an independent platform of creation. A collective project that they called la Caldera.

During the years, La Caldera has become a solid dance ans scenic arts creation centre that welcomes a great number of creators, companies and creation platforms. The centre has a steady base of resident artists, formed by some of the founder artists and other artists and projects for a period of time to negociate, the associated artists s i els and the emergent artists that are choosen through a public call. Furthermore we support yearly some specific projects via the international residencies program.

One of La Caldera added values is that generates a sharing experience between artists of different age and career. Artists with a vast curriculum and experience work under the same roof with young artists. This daily cohabitation between different generations and lines of work encourages, in a natural way, the knowledge and skill transmission and also generates synergies and collaboration projects.

The stability of the project amongst this 17 years has been an ultimate fact for the continuity and consolidation of different artistic trajectories and it's one of our main goals, to support the development of artistic careers.

There are two main items that have determined and allowed to spread our current lines and contents of the project:
• The building, with a perfect distribution for this kind of activity: five floors without any wall that allow easily diversify all the activities and services that the project needs; rehearsal rooms, office spaces and a meeting point spot. La caldera also have a medium size venue technically equiped where it's possible to do showings with an audience, la Sala0.
• On the other hand, due to its location in Barcelona's Gràcia neighbourhood (next to the centre of the city), we have been allowed to design a specific project involving the neighbourhood and its citiziens. From here, we have developed a bunch of formative activities addressed to the dance professionals.