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Finansowane z funduszy EOG, pochodzących z Islandii, Liechtensteinu i Norwegii, oraz środków krajowych.

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From: Muenchen, Niemcy
Address: Zielstattstr. 10A, 81379 München
Phone: +49 89 189 31 37 0

JOINT ADVENTURES, founded in 1990 by Walter Heun, is an organizer in the field of contemporary dance and performance that operates nationally and internationally. With German and foreign partners, JOINT ADVENTURES produces and organizes festivals, guest performances, residencies, workshops, symposiums as well as a choreographic short-film competition. In addition, Walter Heun works as a lobbyist for the structural support of contemporary dance and theatre in Germany.

The annual TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA is one of the most well known JOINT ADVENTURES projects. Since 1991 this event has been enriching Munich's summer by presenting international contemporary dance and performances. It offers workshops, taught by outstanding international guest teachers, for professionals and amateurs. A performance program featuring national and international guest performances offers insights into the latest works of renowned and upcoming artists.

ACCESS TO DANCE is a program to support and strengthen contemporary dance in Bavaria that was initiated in 2006 by JOINT ADVENTURES in cooperation with various Munich dance organizations and institutions in the context of Tanzplan Deutschland. The highlight of ACCESS TO DANCE is an own series of guest performances and residencies with outstanding international choreographers and companies. Programs for further education in the spheres of dance, schools and universities also serve to communicate about dance in the field of cultural education. A short film project in public space is another part of the initiative.

CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES, a short film project in public space that directs attention to dance and choreography, was founded by JOINT ADVENTURES in 2008. The goal is to advance the interaction between choreography and media art. The focal point of the project is an annual international competition. The project's website serves as an interactive platform for a large circle of interested parties. You can register at www.choreooo.org as a member of the online community, upload your own art films, watch and evaluate other people's clips or gather information about current developments in the project!

In addition, as the agency responsible for the NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ, since 1999 JOINT ADVENTURES has been supporting the cross-regional exchange of dance and theater productions within Germany. The NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK gives subsidies to organizers from Germany who wants to invite a guest performance from another German federal state.

JOINT ADVENTURES is a co-initiator and co-organizer of the TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND. Every two years, the TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND offers a snapshot of current trends and innovative tendencies on the German dance scene.

JOINT ADVENTURES is kindly supported by the Department of Art and Culture, City of Munich, by the Bavarian State, by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, by 14 Departments of Culture and Arts of the German federal states and by other public funds and international cultural institutes.