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Dance Guide
is headed by CSM

Finansowane z funduszy EOG, pochodzących z Islandii, Liechtensteinu i Norwegii, oraz środków krajowych.

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From: Frankfurt am Main, Niemcy
Address: Waldschmidtstraße 4, 60316 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 (0)69 40 58 95–0

At the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, we see it as our responsibility to promote, support and accompany the development and production of the performing arts in a contemporary context. We consider both the needs and the potential of established international artists as well as up-and-coming national talents, especially those emerging from the Hessian Theater Academy. An environment of trust between artists and the Mousonturm staff creates a collaborative and critical exchange that not only keeps the art in mind but also the prerequisites for its creation. Despite increasing globalization and professionalization, we would like to offer a protected free space and productive support for independent artists and be a reliable, long-term partner.

Our program shows current works by independent artists and collectives from the fields of dance, theater and performance, as well as selected positions from the visual arts and music. Our focus is set in the context of social discourse, and we concentrate regional and international performance and dance projects in thematic series and festivals. The relationships between individual artistic works make larger contexts recognizable; we take these up in numerous discursive event formats in which artists, visitors and experts enter into dialogue.