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Finansowane z funduszy EOG, pochodzących z Islandii, Liechtensteinu i Norwegii, oraz środków krajowych.

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designed by:

Jack Gallagher

From: Tilburg, Holandia
Address: Schrassertstraat 18
Focus on: Contemporary, Vigorous, Risk, Teacher, Bodies Anonymous,
Phone: 31624761345

Bodies Anonymous was founded in Amsterdam, NL. in 2002 by choreographer Jack Gallagher. Since its inception, it has created over 30 pieces and given more than 200 performances. Its repertoire of work made primarily for theaters also includes projects specially developed for locations. In her first phase as a lean and mean start up, Bodies Anonymous, has toured 25 cities in The Netherlands and reached 8 countries abroad.

Bodies Anonymous in Tilburg, NL.
In 2012, choreographers Jack Gallagher and Guilherme Miotto joined forces and set up a home base in the innovating and adventurous dance scene of North Brabant, The Netherlands. These two internationally revered artists will lead Bodies Anonymous into a new phase of growth and innovation as co-artistic directors. Miotto and Gallagher, combining skills and expertise, provide each other with an exciting new boost to their visions and activities.

Entrepreneurship is their focus: The Art of Performing in the world. As artistic directors, they are committed to relevance, outreach and partnerships: finding mutual interest and connecting people with an inspiring experience. Miotto and Gallagher engineer projects around tangible social issues in an edgy innovative format. This makes every project they do a uniquely designed mix of disciplines, locations and audiences, which in turn engenders a certain ambassadorship for contemporary dance performance.