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Centre Chorégraphique National d'Orléans

From: Orléans, Francja
Address: 37 rue du Bourdon Blanc CS 42348 45023 Orléans
Phone: +33 2 38 62 41 00

Created in 1995, the Orleans National Choreographic Center was placed under the direction of the choreographer Josef Nadj.

Since the creation of his dance company in 1986, Josef Nadj has created 19 pieces which have been performed in France and numerous other countries (Great Britain, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Austria, Lithuania, Romania, Ukraine, Colombia, Japan, Switzerland, Syria, United-States, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Belgium...)

Like the 18 other National Choreographic Centers, the Orleans National Choreographic Center has been given the mission of creating and touring, as well as setting up training and awareness-raising programs. By offering a diversity of consciousness-raising activities, the Orleans National Choreographic Center seeks to reinforce it's presence in the town of Orleans, in the department of Loiret and in the Centre region :

- by promoting public involvement and developing a public following: lessons and courses in contemporary dance, public rehearsals, dance-related film evenings...

- by getting involved in the cultural life of the region and developing artistic creation there: the creation of a studio which is open to the professionals of the region (dancers, actors, visual artists, musicians, video directors) allowing real encounters between the different disciplines involved in creative work.

- by promoting public involvement nd developing a public following : lessons and courses in contemporary dance, public rehearsals, dance-related film evenings...

Since it's creation, the Orleans National Choreographic Center has disposed of (in the premises of Scène Nationale d'Orleans) administrative offices, a dance space, and selective access to props and technical equipment.
In February 2001, it has benefited from a space located 37 rue de Bourdon Blanc, which endows it with a real creation tool, allowing it to fully respond to the missions it has been given; notably the new mission of the National Choreographic Centers: Welcome Studio of France and abroad.

This site, right in the center of town, is close to the bishopric and the old municipal library of Orleans.
This beautiful complex, (with a surface area of 1,400 m2) previously housed a local newspaper: La République du Centre (1944-1969) and then an annex of The Institute of Visual Arts (1976-1992). Certain parts of the building which date back to the end of the 17th century have been restored, notably the frontage of the Creation Studio on the ground floor.