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CCN Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon

From: Montpellier, Francja
Address: Boulevard louis blanc 34000 Montpellier
Phone: +33 4 67 60 06 70

In 2001, the CCN outlined its goals of creation, research and training, with an emphasis on interchange with the public:

Productions by Mathilde Monnier:  The CCN is directed by Mathilde Monnier, who has presented her work in Montpellier and worldwide. The vitality and importance of her creativity have won international acclaim from audiences, critics and professionals. This renown has situated Mathilde Monnier among the major artistic personalities of contemporary choreography. In France, her shows have been performed at the Théâtre de la Ville, the Festival d'Automne-Paris, the Festival d'Avignon and the Festival Montpellier Danse. Abroad, her performances have been hailed in Adelaide, Antwerp, Berlin, Istanbul, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Mexico, Montreal, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Vienna…. as well as in Africa and Asia.

]domaines[ is a new cycle of events following in the footsteps of "hors-séries" launched by the centre chorégraphique. ]domaines[ has a dual purpose :
It enables artists to exploit a research-space in order to construct and implement their projects, while offering the public a chance to explore and access a specific area through a range of experimental interfaces : shows, conferences, work-in-progress, internships, workshops, installations…  

The residencies for research and choreography have been launched to enable guest choreographers to carry out the necessary research for renewing forms and expression.

ex.e.r.ce is a seven-month research period for fifteen individuals over the age of 20 : future choreographic artists and others who wish to work in the choreographic context.  It is a place for exercising, producing, showing, sharing, probing, researching, and questioning.

Guest choreographer: Mathilde Monnier invites another artist to work in close proximity and share practices, in order to foster different way of thinking and working together.

Providing support to choreographers based in the Montpellier region is one of the main targets of the CCN, which places its studios at the disposal of dance companies in order to give choreographers the opportunity to rehearse in first-rate conditions while preparing for shows and tours. 

A daily contemporary-dance practice imparted by artists of national and international renown, accessible to professional as well as advanced-level dancers. In collaboration with the French national education system, the CCN also offers dance courses to high school students that may count towards their 'Bac littéraire'. 

Le CCN, a resources-site: cyber space, media center, reception center of the Département des Métiers du Centre National de la Danse and of the Relais Culture Europe for administrative, legal and social counseling and guidance. The Center facilitates the circulation of professional information.

Linked up:  the CCN is part of an international network:  Montpellier Danse Saison, DanceWebEurope-Vienna, FUSED-New York, Cultures France-Paris, DBM-Marseille, CDC la Termitière-Ouagadougou.