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Dance Guide
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The Institute of Music and Dance

From: Warsaw, Polska
Address: ul. Fredry 8 00-097 Warszawa
Phone: +48 22 829 20 29

The Institute of Music and Dance was established on 1st October 2010 by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bogdan Zdrojewski. Its creation was preceded by a sector consultation and the three month preparation of the development strategy with the Polish organizations and institutions active in the field of music and dance. A key mission of the Institute is to act for the development of music and dance culture in Poland.

The Institute analyzes the operation of the dance and music sectors, submits reports and proposals to the Minister, providing expert advice; is responsible for holding documentation and archive; acts to enhance the quality of vocational education and society, promotes existing cultural institutions and non governmental organizations; initiates new programmes. The institute also takes part in the exchange of information and experience between national and international sector organizations, it organizes workshops and trainings as well as it commissions scientific research.

During the first year of its operations, the Institute will focus mainly on the development of two thematic portals (dedicated to dance and music) as well as on the preparation of the music status report and specific regional dance reports. Another crucial task of the Institute is to organize the Convention of Music and the First Dance Congress in April 2011. First specialist publications will be, in cooperation with other entities, prepared too.