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Festival de Marseille

From: Marseille, Francja
Address: 6 Place Sadi-Carnot  13002 Marseille
Phone: +33 4 91 99 02 50

A major festival among the international network of major theater venues for contemporary creation and a reference in the region, the Festival de Marseille has displayed since its inception in 1996 an audacious and multi-disciplinary programming.

It has for the past eighteen years included well-known names of international creation and emerging artists. We can’t name all the ones who have premiered their work at the Festival and are today invited to the most prestigious venues. Dance is at the heart of the programming choices, along with theatre, music and visual arts.

The Festival is deeply rooted in its anchor town even though it has been roaming in different locations. It endeavors to settle into new territories from year to year. It is geared to the widest possible audience and makes a priority in making the access possible to culture for all.

The Festival also gives the opportunity to attend shows in public places, performances, art workshops, meetings with the artists, public performances, meetings “in the wings”, projections…

The Festival de Marseille is proud to think itself as a mentor, a thinker, an agitator and an organization that brings different people together.