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Mufmi Dance Thatre

From: Warsaw, Polska
Address: al. Niepodległości 141, Warszawa
Phone: +48 606 877 606

Mufmi Dance Theatre – contemporary dance group founded by Anna Piotrowska, dancer, choreographer and president of Eferte Dance Development Foundation in 1995. Mufmi consists of former and current participants of Piotrowska’s classes (the main and changing composition). The classes are an “alternative school” preparing for stage work. Artistic freshness and openness of performers are key features of the theatre.

One of the group's most famous performances is 4 roses 4 Lucienne inspired by Roland Topor’s short story, main prize winner at the 15th International Presentations of Contemporary Dance Forms (currently: Contact Zone) in Kalisz (2007) for “political statement on the treatment of a woman’s body in Polish society, for stage expression means, balancing on the edge of irony and seriousness, skills and limitations of the body”. Other performances which are worth mentioning include: Szafosza (formerly “Dystans” Theatre), Gemini (duo by Anna Piotrowska/Patrycja Dońska), Bóg 8 Dnia, Usługi platne, czyli cała Polska plecie dzieciom… The group has participated in numerous dance festivals in Poland, including Warsaw (Warsaw Dance and Movement Evening, Young People Artistic Review PUPA), Gdańsk (former festival Dance Explosions), Lublin (International Dance Theatre Festival), Kalisz (International Presentations of Contemporary Dance Forms) and Bytom (International Contemporary Dance Conference and Performance Festival), and in other cities. The theatre was granted numerous awards – 4 roses… (apart from the Kalisz award) has won jury prizes at the 2006 Polemiqi (categories: creation of genuine stage reality and the best dramatist – for Anna Piotrowska). Moreover, the performance was awarded individual jury members’ certificates - from Tamara Mc Lorg for creation of the performance, for the group and Tamas Halasz for Anna Piotrowska for sense of humour. The group’s latest performance, Fall(ing) ceil(ing) qualified for the 2010 Polish Dance Platform in Poznań.

Moreover, the group is active in city spaces (including the Atak Przestrzeni action, which took place during Polemiqi) and adapts non-scenic areas: the place in which Mufmi has presented most of its performances (and its base – the DGW Club, i.e. Warsaw Garrison Club) is a former cinema.

The empty auditorium was a place where the artists prepared interesting performance Empty places, bringing this passive and semi-dark zone to life.

The group also created well-received performances for children – the best known is Brzechwa_ruszony (presented at the 10th International Children and Youth Theatres Festival “Korczak”, 2006), this is a dance story inspired by the poems of Jan Brzechwa: Tydzień, Zoo, Tańcowala igła z nitką, Kwoka, Baran, Ptasie plotki, Entliczek-pentliczek, Na straganie, Leń, Samochwała. Based on the poems, Anna Piotrowska created short stories which blend with one another. Even such uncharacteristic (of contemporary dance and the group's works) undertaking is marked by grotesqueness of the presented world and an original sense of humour, but most of all by dramatization and stylization of gesture and movement. These are the main features of the group's artistic language. Within the aesthetics, the issues raised by the group are quite various. Without doubt, one of the group’s permanent motives is femininity – which is also a natural consequence of the homogeneous, female character of the group – and in particular its cultural and social conditions and clichés. Everything what is related to a specifically stage setting – of the gender, body and movement – belongs here as well. Dramatization and precise rules of theatre narration, being of course constantly redefined and re-created, are the most important features of Mufmi theatre.